Created in 2017, the SPRINTEC printshop produces carton packaging (mostly corrugated carton). Printing machinery is represented by 2 MANROLAND 706 with WB an UV coating units. Also, the company owns equipment for folding (MBO 76), paper cutting (Wohlenberg 137) and a complex for automated Computer-to-Plate.
We are proud to have partnership with other printing entities to satisfy even a wider range of customer’s necessities. We are able to organize lamination, cordless glue fastening, stapling, stiff cover, wire technology for calendars, day planners etc., chrome-ersatz boxes and boxes with backing.
We focus on working with industries and professional customers. We are open to new opportunities and will be pleased to answer your questions and requests: please, email us or send an enquiry using the follow-up form below.

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